Drone Lessons

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Seranova provides drone introduction lessons to beginners and hobbyists in Japan. We run the events via our Meetup page.

This lesson is for you if you are starting out and looking for a crash course on flying your first drone in Japan. We’ll cover all of the basics with two of the most popular drones, the Phantom 4 and the DJI Mavic. You don’t need to own a drone as we have ours to practice with.

By the end of the basic course you’ll understand all the regulations in Japan, learn how to operate a drone, and get the basics of shooting cinematic videos/photos.

Here is what the usual 3-hour beginners’ course covers:

  • Drone Regulations and Safety in Japan
  • Risk Management
  • Pre Flight Checklist
  • RC Transmitter Configuration
  • Crash Course on how to fly your drone (currently offering Phantom 4, Mavic, Spark)
  • Settings and advanced settings
  • Basic photo and video settings
  • Hands on flying practice

* content can change depending on the event. Please check the Meetup page for exact details for the event you wish to join.