About SeraNova

Seranova is a community for drone enthusiasts in Japan.

We work with businesses and hobbyists to help use drones safely.

Join us in our mission!


We want to make drones available and accessible to everyone – regardless of their age or experience.

To achieve this we are building a community of drone enthusiasts in Japan, and collaborating with local agencies and the government to ensure anyone can safely learn about and fly drones.

We believe that drones will impact everyone’s lives in a positive way and change the way we learn, travel, do business and spend our leisure time. Join us to be part of the movement!


Daijiro Tsukioka

Representative Director

Daijiro helped start Seranova with the goal of connecting the drone ecosystem in Japan with the outside world. He currently supports the legal and financial aspects of the business, and has vast expertise and knowledge helping startups in Japan on their legal and fundraising efforts.

Ved Kamat

Founding Partner

Ved started Seranova with the vision of connecting the Japanese drone ecosystem to the outside world. He believes that drones will have a huge  impact on modern life, not only commercial but consumer applications. He currently leads the business and tech side and is focused on building the Seranova community. 


Company Name:
  • K.K. Seranova
  • Ved Kamat (Founder), Daijiro Tsukioka (Director)
  • Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Hamamatsucho 2-2-15
  • 東京都港区浜松町二丁目2番15号
  • Drone Rentals
  • Drone industry news and information
  • Drone services
  • Internet-related business & services
  • 2019/08/08
  • 30万円


We rented a drone for our wedding and it really turned things up a notch. Our friend filmed it for us and only took him a few minutes to get hang of it. So cool :-)!
Akiko and Shige
We weren't sure where we could fly our drone in Tokyo ... had a few questions and so we asked the guys at Seranova and they were super helpful. Great stuff, thanks guys!
Sam T