A Drone Wedding in Kobe, Japan


We captured raw, high definition aerial photos and 4k drone videos of our clients wedding and secondly a short video compilation for the wedding. We used the Phantom 4 Pro.


The location was James Tei, a popular restaurant and wedding venue in Kobe. We had planned our video shoots prior to the wedding, however, the day of the wedding was rainy, so there were only a few short windows of time where we could film. The footage was thus largely composed of impromptu shots. In the end, were able to get some great footage and furthermore create a fun/light video, which was screened during the after party on the same day.  



There were several obstacles to overcome which made the filming challenging but also fun and experimental.

  • The intermittent rain made it impossible for us to get the originally planned shots so we had to be ready to fly as soon as the rain stopped.
  • We received permission from the wedding venue to fly the drone, and also partnered with the wedding photographer on the ground to coordinate shots. However, the location was in a residential district and nearby a large railroad (the JR Line), so we had to take precautions not to fly over those areas. This constricted our flight path, so we had to get a bit creative.
  • The wedding was scheduled for 10am-noon, followed by lunch from 12-2pm and then an after party at 5:30pm on the same day. Our goal was to create a short and fun video of the drone footage to show during the afterparty. This was challenging as we had a tight 3 hour window to upload our footage, select the best shots, create a video, choose a song and test viewability on the projector at the afterparty venue. The deadline was tight but we were ultimately able to pull through with the help of some additional photos from the photographer and help of the event staff who ensured audio/video setup at the venue.

How we helped:

The bride, groom and the 30 guests at the after party were all excited to view the video compilation from their wedding on that same day. We asked the bride to choose a song for the video and she selected one of her husband’s favorites — Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. This added an extra touch and made it fun to dance along during the party.

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