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Our client is the top supercar rental company in Tokyo that provides exclusive memberships and Japan-wide tours in their fleet of high-powered luxury and sports cars. As part of their launch, we helped capture raw footage of their first tours in order to create Facebook video marketing campaigns, as well as a promotional video for their website. We filmed using a DJI Mavic Pro, DJI ND filters, and a GoPro Hero5.


We had a lot fun doing this one. Our mission was to capture footage of the first “supercar tour” which consisted of multiple drivers in 6 cars, driving from Tokyo to Hakone, a popular hot-spring resort area. Capturing both GoPro footage (attached to the front of the cars), stationary and moving footage was crucial in order to create a free-flowing video that captured ground and aerial shots.


We surveyed and considered several different routes between Tokyo and Hakone that would be both scenic, safe, and provide opportunity to get the best footage. Finding the right balance was difficult but we ultimately decided on the Ashinoko Skyline, an 11km toll road that boasted windy roads (fun for the drivers), views of the lake and Mt Fuji (good for video), and a rest stop/parking lot at the halfway point (good for ground shots and setting up the drone).

We captured most of the footage at the rest stop at the halfway point. Coordinating with the photographer, we captured both ground and aerial footage of individual cars. The weather was foggy (we were high up in the mountains), but it worked to our advantage as the clearing fog added a sense of mystique and contrast between the white fog and the bright colors of sports cars.

The biggest challenge was coordination. We wanted to coordinate a faux-race and “moving shot” with all of the cars. The difficulty here was simply the speed of the cars — they go fast — versus the speed of our drone (60 kph). To get past this hurdle, we did two things. First we instructed all of the drivers to drive in single-file at a slow speed for the first 1km, as we could speed up the footage in post production. Secondly, we used GoPro footage in additional to aerial to create a greater sense of movement and speed.

How we helped:

Tokyo Supercars was able to quickly implement the footage we captured in their Facebook marketing campaign, resulting in dozens of captured leads via their lead generation page and new business!

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