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No you don’t. There is no such thing as a government recognized “drone license” in Japan. However, you will probably find some websites talking about licenses in Japan. These are training courses but bear no weight with the government and are not a requirement.

Flying in most of Tokyo is restricted unless you get permission or are flying in a designated area. Flying in all 81 public parks in Tokyo is not allowed. You cannot fly your drone out in the streets, within 100 feet of any people, buildings or cars, you cannot fly near an airport, and you cannot fly above 150 feet anywhere in Japan. There is a hefty $5,000 fine if you are caught flying in a restricted zone. Here is a link to the specific rules.

Yes they are strict. After someone decided to fly a drone filled with radioactive waste over the Japanese Prime Minister’s house, understandably restrictions got a bit tighter.

However, once you get outside of central Tokyo into wide open spaces, things are a lot more relaxed. There are regulations but it’s not <em>too</em> regulated.

These are our tips:

If you are flying your drone for a wedding, event, or on site at a venue, then you simply need to ask permission from the venue owner beforehand.
To find locations outside of central Tokyo to fly, check out this interactive map. Red is no-fly, everything else is fair game.
To practice flying and racing there are centers set up around Tokyo. You can check them out here.

There are two maps that you can use. The best one you will find is the DJI map, link here. This is your easiest option and most recommended.

Also there is another map which is currently available only in Japanese so here is a walk through for the registration process (free).

Step 1: Visit the sorapass website and click on the lefthand link in orange to create an account. Sorapass.



Step 2: Setup an account. Input basic info like name, email, password and they will send a verification link to your email. Instructions in this order from top to bottom:


email address
email address again
password again
last name
first name
last name in japanese alphabet. Visit google translate and type in your name, then copy paste.
first name in japanese alphabet


birthday: year, month, day
zip code
phone number
purpose of registration: individual, company, or organization
company name (optional)
press “登録” (register)

Step 3: After registration go to the login page and click on the blue key link in the right. Type in your email address on the top and password at the bottom, press the blue link that says ログイン。


Step 4: It will take you directly to the map page. All of the red means off limits. You can still fly but you need to get permission beforehand. The upper left hand box allows you to search in English or Japanese.


Step 5: You can zoom out and look at what areas are not in red zones.


Yes you can but you will need permission from the government. The process for this is online and you will need to fill out a form. Usually it takes 10 days for reviewal but more recently there has been an influx of requests so could take up to 3-4 weeks. I suggest contacting and they can help you fill out the government form (they speak English).

Also, you can download the form here DronePermissionFormTemplate. I have filled out the most important parts of the form that will make it easy to get permission. The template has a phantom 4 but if you’re flying a different drone then swap it out. The fields you have to input yourself are in capital letters.

This will vary but you should be able to get the hang of it in 20 or 30 minutes. The Phantom 4 models are fairly easy to operate.

Technically, yes. But we really don’t recommend it. We tried it once and our drone flew into the ceiling fan.

For now the minimum rental period starts at 3 days and maximum is 3 weeks. The longer you rent the cheaper it gets.

Please email us and we’ll get back to you within the business day.

Seranova offers a damage waiver when you rent equipment – it protects you from having to pay the entire cost of the item and any other liabilities, in the event of unintentional damage to the item.

If you do not purchase damage waiver AND the item is damaged, you will need to pay 100% of the MSRP of the replacement item. If you purchase damage waiver, you only pay 50% of the cost of the replacement item or the repair fee, whichever is cheaper.

By default, when you choose which items to rent and then Checkout, you will have opted for damage waiver in the Cart page. You will see the total cost of choosing damage waiver for your entire package in the Cart page, which varies by drone.

Specific cases of unintentional damage are covered when you avail our optional damage waiver policy.

Lost or stolen items are not covered, neither is water damage. Your renter’s, homeowner’s, or photographer’s insurance policies might cover items and/or situations that our policies do not cover – please check with your insurance agent regarding this before you rent items from us.

Minor scratches or scuffs, minor dust or dirt on the exterior of the equipment which can be quickly cleaned off are considered ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage assessments. Anything more severe than this will be considered damage.

Yes. We send you only verified items before shipping them – we check every item in your order and make sure they function well!

We’ve shipped items across the country and our packaging is very good, so this has never happened. In the rare case that the items get damaged in transit, contact us immediately at

Yes we don’t mind as long as they have read our “getting started guide” and fly responsibly.

No. But our current models available for rent all have awesome cameras built in.

We recommend flying on a nice, clear day that’s not too windy. The phantom is strong and can handle a bit of wind and light rain. However please note that our warranty does not cover rain damage so please don’t go flying out when you see a tsunami coming.

Yes the price is reduced slightly and is automatic when you book.

We understand stuff happens. If you have the warranty then this is covered.

If you attach a rope then it can carry up to 300-400 grams. Any more than that and it starts to make some very grumpy noises. Please don’t try and transport live animals as it’s probably unethical. Check out this video for max weight lifting attempts.

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