Hey all, here are some quick dronie tips that I picked up this week and wanted to share with everyone.

#1 Stay Dry Before you Fly

Japan is hot and sticky right now. Our precious drones usually do fine, but sometimes they don’t like that. Keep that bird safe. You can use these daiso ¥100 food desiccant packets in your drone bag to remove any moisture. @NigelP, thanks for this one.

#2 Flying over water, turn off the VPS

There seems to be enough evidence to suggest that when hovering over water the Mavic will often be fooled and start to depend on false info from the VPS (vision positioning system). Flying 60 feet in the air is fine but if you plan to hover really low, and especially if you have an older DJI Phantom model, then it’s best to to turn off your VPS. Go to Advanced Settings > Disable Vision Positioning System.

#3 Range Extenders 

If you’ve ever wanted to fly extra long, now you can without modifying your drone. Check out these range extenders. They work by focusing the signal that would normally be transmitted 360 degrees & lost behind you, back in the direction of your Phantom, strengthening the signal sent & therefore increasing your range.

#4 Fishing x Drones

I thought this was a great idea — has anyone else tried this? And an easy modification to make. Fishing line, hook, and a Phantom.

Those tuna never stood a chance…

I hope everyone has a great week and as always,

Happy Flying!


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Misha Yurchenko 
Seranova, Founder