Whether you are a hobby pilot or use your drone for business, there are some great add-on accessories that you can use for your Mavic or Phantom that will make a big difference in how you fly and the quality of your videos/photos.

Here are our top 3 must have accessories for your done. 

#1 ND Filters

Neutral Density (ND) filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera, enabling a longer exposure time. This can emphasize motion, or make an otherwise tumultuous scene appear surreal and quiescent. make your photos/videos look professional and cinematographic. The filters are basically snap-on lenses for your drone.

Here is a photo with reduced shutter speed but no filter.

Here is a shot with an ND filter. Can you tell how much smoother the waves are?

These bad boys help smoothen out your shot without having to adjust your settings. It creates for an overall more cinematographic effect. They can make your water shots look more smooth and your landscapes more lively.

The weaker the ND filter the lower the blur effect.

These make a huge difference and I don’t fly without them! 

Check them out here on for the Mavic Pro and here for Phantom 4.

Polar Pro Filters DJI Mavic

PolarPro DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Advanced Filters  

#2 Drone Propeller Guards

The biggest cause of damage to drones occurs due to exposed propellers. I can testify to this as a I have first hand experience crashing my drone into the side of a cliff and a wall, causing my drone to spiral downwards to destruction. With the propeller guards, any crash will become drastically less damaging, both to your drone and whatever object it hits.

Also, especially if you are flying around people (which I don’t recommend, unless you’re racing and have no choice) then you want to avoid any sliced fingers…or faces.

Does this accessory make a difference to the way the drones handles? Yes, they will make the drone slightly less stable and aerodynamic, which is the only downside. It’s not drastically different but it is noticeable so you’ll need to practice. 

DJI Phantom 4 Series Propeller Guards  

DJI Mavic Propeller Guards

DJI Spark Propeller Guards

#3: DJI Mavic and Phantom Carrying Cases

This one is simple but critical to taking care of your drone and avoiding damage.

I used to wrap my Mavic in a bath towel, throw it into my backpack, and travel with it on trains and planes. Probably not the best way to treat my drone, so eventually I got one of these bags.

The hard cases are usually waterproof and this is probably the 2nd best investment you can make to keep your drone safe — the 1st being lots of practice flying. 🙂

Manfrotto Phantom Backpack

EVA Hard Portable Bag DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Happy Flying!

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